What is Your Gift?

I asked him, “What’s your gift? “

He paused and said, “Growing food and bringing people together.”

I didn’t get an opportunity to ask others in the room about their gifts, because the conversation had moved on.

Later I thought of another gift this friend had, and said to him, “You know, you ask really good questions and then you listen. I think that’s an extra special gift, one that’s especially needed right now.”

An idea for Transition Monday is asking “What is my gift? What is it I have to offer?”
We’re all born with unique gifts, with something to offer. Sometimes it’s not so easy to see, but it’s there.

The image is of flowers from Field of Roses in Waingake Valley, in Gisborne, New Zealand. Zoe and Sue Field obviously have the gift of growing flowers and designing floral arrangements. As for the flowers? Well, their gift is to just be, to grow and fulfill their potential by blossoming.

We can learn from the flowers, because the question about our gifts is really about asking, “What does life want from me?”

It is also about creating eco systems, where we can support each other to find our gifts, what we each have to offer and what we would like to contribute, so we can all grow and blossom.

Can we take time to ask about our gifts on Monday? Have a think about it and let us know.

A special thank you to Zoe and Sue Field for sharing your truly awesome gifts

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