Creating Our Own Time

I recently asked a local business person, “How was the lockdown for you?”

She replied with a smile, “I had a really great time! My best friend and daughter came to stay. We had such a good time.”

Then I asked, “How has it been since you’ve got your business up and running again?

She replied, without a smile this time, “I’ve been so flat out since the lockdown was lifted. There’s so much to catch up on. And then I got an infection and I got really sick and then my husband got sick and he still in hospital now. My son’s unwell and home from school. I’m depressed. It’s been so hard. I’m still running to catch up.”

During lock down, many were able to enjoy a slower pace of life with family and with community, creating their own time, connecting with each other and life in their localities. But now, the pressure is on to get back to real time. But what is real time?  

For many, the post-lock down world looks increasingly chaotic and dangerous. But there’s no going back. Many, like our local business person, are too busy trying to survive to take time to understand the challenges ahead, let alone have ideas about ideas on how to overcome these challenges, or recognize and give support to those who do.

This is why we are advocating a 4-day working week with Mondays a day when we all have support needed to take time to come together to connect with each other and our planet about what’s really important – life itself.

Yes, there are enormous challenges, but the first is to be in a position to create our own time, so we can see how to move forward in ways that are supportive and not destructive of life. We could begin creating this time together on Mondays, each Monday.  See the Transition Monday proposal and Can New Zealand grassroots take a lead? Please support if you can. Your comments and questions are most welcome.

The artwork is by Frances Ashton

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