5th idea for Mondays: exploring alternatives to resource wars

Our 5th idea for Mondays is to begin by making ourselves aware of the ways many have benefited from and continue to benefit from being from countries who control (directly or indirectly) access to the planet’s limited resources by way of oil wars, crippling sanctions, and coups etc. (See ‘We Will Coup Whoever We Want’: Elon Musk and the Overthrow of Democracy in Bolivia). It takes a huge amount lot of fossil fuel energy and money to carry out such military operations and maintain the forces. Given we have reached the end of the oil age and are saturated with debt, we at Transition Monday think we need to explore alternatives to spending more on fighting over the remaining resources.

On Mondays can we focus some of our time and energy on finding or creating peaceful Flows, Paths, or Ways – for effective and equitable transitions to a flourishing future beyond fossil fuels for all?

Energy Matters to all of us: energy to live and energy to transition. As Louis Arnoux rightly says, distributional equity is the only way.

This is the Transition Monday symbol or logo, representing balancing and finding ways equitable ways forward and through for all. Let us know what you think?

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