4th idea: asking good questions seeking out good information

Our 4th idea is for Mondays to be a day when we are encouraged to have conversations about practical ways of transitioning to a post-fossil fuel future that all would like to live in.

We need to begin by asking good questions and seeking out good information.

For instance, at a more general level, taking time to understand more about energy matters – how we all need energy to live, how societies and everything in the economy needs secure energy supplies to function. And about the many ways fossil fuels, particularly oil, currently meets our energy needs and underpin our modern way of life e.g. just about everything in our homes is transported directly or indirectly by ships, planes, and trucks, which rely on oil.

And at local levels, taking time to understand the specific contexts e.g. the local terrain, soils, food, climate, and how these might be changing.

In this interview with independent journalist Max Blumenthal about his article defending the highly controversial Planet of the Humans’ documentary, US comedian Jimmy Dore points out challenges in accessing good information with respect to the practicalities of transitioning to a post-oil future.

Yes, there are many challenges, but we think our future is too important to leave these needed conversations on transitioning to a few individuals to make decisions for the rest of us. What do you think? Do let us know.

The picture is by Frances Ashton, who called it, Talk while there is yet time.

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