2nd idea: checking out together how we can feel safe and connected

A friend of Transition Monday reported she couldn’t connect with our first idea because she was having such major problems in her life. She said “I can’t connect with myself, let alone anyone or anything else.” So our suggestion for today is to pause and observe where we are on this ladder.

If we find ourselves at the bottom of the ladder, where the world feels cold and empty and inhospitable and we feel alone and disconnected, Monday is the time for rest, self care, and some nice distractions
– If we find ourselves stuck in the middle of the ladder, where the world feels unfriendly and we feel mobilized, ready to run or fight, Monday is the time to pause, breathe and give ourselves some space to find the ground on which we can move as we wish, calmly, in the fresh air.
– If find ourselves at the top of the ladder, where and the world is welcoming and we feel warm, open, engaged and capable, Monday is the time to pause for a relaxed deepening of awareness and asking, what helps keep me here?
– A question for Monday is where am I on the ladder and what helps me move from the bottom or middle, to stay at or near the top. And if we are fortunate enough to find ourselves at the top of the ladder, how can we help others to also reach the top – and stay there?

Let us know what you think?

The Ladder idea is adapted from Deb Dana’s work on Polyvagal theory.
For details and useful resources see The Rhythm of Regulation.

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