In praise of ANDs

New Zealand scientist Mike Joy presented a 3-minute elevator pitch to an audience that included Prime Minister Jacinda Arden. See Mike Joy: My message to Jacinda. In it he shows how New Zealand has become locked into an industrial model of intensive dairying with catastrophic consequences for its ecosystem and human health.

How to transition off this industrial form of dairying to something that is still profitable but less damaging is the question often asked. But is this the right question as we are coming to the end of the oil age and urgently need to transition towards more localized, sustainable, less energy intensive life-styles.

We think it would be helpful to make more space, here, for some ANDs.

Yes, there will still be pressures to keep the “just in time” globally coordinated, energy-intensive systems, such industrial agriculture, but on the side and on the edges of our villages and communities, how about quietly adding some ANDs:
AND a provision for growing food locally that’s not reliant on fossil fuel
AND a provision for a more sustainable, more localized transport infrastructure
AND spaces for local people with practical local knowledge (including indigenous knowledge) for working on how to replenish our local ecosystems
AND progressively create livelihoods without dependence on fossil fuels
AND taking time to really understand about energy and the principles of thermodynamics, so we can recognize and thus support the innovators and creatives in our midst who can help us with the challenge of our life time – building a new self-powered energy system that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels.

What do you think? Let us know.

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