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Everyone has something to offer

8th idea: noticing the gifts others have

“Everyone has something to offer. There are always skills or friendship to swap in some way. There are lonely people and there are people who like to communicate. Everyone has something to offer. It’s just matter of finding it.” For many, finding it is the problem … Click to read more!

In praise of ANDs

Yes, there will be still be a pressures to keep in with the for-profit systems like industrial agriculture, but on the side and on the edges of our villages and communities, how about quietly adding many more ANDs e.g. AND growing food that’s not reliant on fossil fuel, AND Click to read more!

Energy Matters

Because this generation of modern humans have had access to an abundance of fossil fuel energy, it’s easy to assume it will go on forever and because oil prices are currently low and supplies are high, it’s not surprising very few are noting how this easy-to-access fossil fuel energy (oil, gas, coal), has in fact been used up and that it’s taking increasingly more and more energy (mainly oil), to retreive the energy that’s still there. Click to read more!


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