An idea for Transition Monday

An idea I put forward in our discussion forum is to seek out those with creative imaginations to help us create and share stories that are both realistic and optimistic about futures that can be created as fossil fuels become less and less available.

Humans can easily imagine “us” as winners, where “we” the deserving live and succeed while “they,” the undeserving die. And they can easily imagine the problems of this world being magically resolved.

I think the current major challenge of our time is to help grow our collective imagination towards realistic narratives of a world all would like to inhabit and steps to get there.

Of course there will be challenges, but if we keep moving towards possibilities where all can flourish together, then it will be much easier to be on the same page and turn this imagined world into reality.

Let us know what you think and send any ideas you may have.

Painting by Frances Ashton

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