Welcome to Transition Monday

Every Monday, every week we focus on the most important issue of our time:
The end of the oil age & how to transition to less energy-intensive life styles in locally flourishing ecosystems.

Mondays – ideas for what To Do on Mondays

Let’s focus together on what we can do to transition to a life without fossil fuels and how we can help bring this about, from our own households, streets, localities, towns or cities, country and ultimately, the world.

Send us your ideas, which we will post each week – on Mondays.

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Posts – thoughts and ideas
for discussion and action

During the first lock down, many were able to enjoy a slower pace of life with family and with community. Now, for many, the world looks increasingly chaotic and dangerous. But there’s no going back. This is why we are advocating a 4-day working week with Mondays a day when we all have support needed to take time to come together to connect with each other and our planet about what’s really important – life itself. See Transition Posts

Navigating Complexity longer more challenging articles

We all have a part to play in creating a future we wish to live in. However, at the moment we are short of navigators who can help guide us through the many complex challenges we face, so we are more likely to be successful in our quest. Please welcome – and give support to the few who are showing themselves to be up to the challenge. See Navigating Complexity articles.